if h is a chair : type-obsessed andrew byrom

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There are tons of videos that get recommended all over the place, sometimes I’m just not up for taking that risk of actually spending time watching — versus getting a quick image, or a quick read. In this case, it’s seventeen minutes, another reason to avoid watching, but I did and I highly recommend that you do too.

Andrew Byrom is a graphic and type designer who sees typefaces in every object around him. He’s an appealing person, an inspired artist, a great speaker and has some amazing projects to share.

“If h is a chair, then what do the other 25 characters look like?”


(*via I Love Typography)

One Comment on “if h is a chair : type-obsessed andrew byrom”

  1. 1 brooke @ claremont road said at 8:35 am on August 25th, 2011:

    Your description intrigued me, so I marked this as unread in my Google Reader last week and have been waiting for a good time to set aside 17 minutes to watch. I just did, and I’m so glad! I love the way he thinks & works. Thanks for sharing.

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