wedding gift guide : iced tea pitcher

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I’ve said it before but I think well-designed pitchers always make a good wedding gift. For a smaller gift budget and for the iced tea lovers, this ceramic Iced Tea Pitcher by Beehouse is a good choice. It comes in a variety of colors, has a built-in diffuser and is available from Rare Device for $50. To fill out the gift, it’d be fun to package it with a collection of your favorite herbal teas.

wedding gift guide : scholten & baijings pillows and blankets

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This is a bold move as a wedding gift so proceed carefully. If you want to stray from the registry and you know the couple well enough, well these are some bad-*ss home goods!

Scholten & Baijings striped pillows come in a range of colors and varying sizes, starting at $256. They are designed by Thomas Eyck and are made from 84% Merino wool and 16% cotton. (I included a photo of one of their blankets as well but it’s just for show at a hefty price of $1725.) All these items and the full selection are available on

daily inspiration : from the daily type blog

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A collective of Russian type designers maintain the blog, Daily Type, which I enjoy checking regularly for sketches, type design samples and work in progress. I particularly love the pieces involving the beautiful characters of the Cyrillic alphabet. Even their heading logo is a revolving display of different typographic expressions of the title “Daily Type.”

All images courtesy of

bryn listens : ella fitgerald live in hollywood

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I have been spending time with Ella these days, listening to discs from the box set titled “Twelve Nights in Hollywood” that was reissued on CD last year. It is a collection of live recordings from a two week stint of Ella Fitzgerald and her band at The Crescendo Club. The quality of the recordings are tremendous and intimate. Ella’s humor and musical abilities have never been so enjoyable. I picked three tracks from the set today for three different reasons. I’ll be sharing more with you over time. I hope you like it!

Listen with me:

For the sass: Lorelei

For the title: Happiness Is Just A Thing Called Joe

For the treatment: Blue Moon

(*Image via

if you love new york city : i have a question for you (and a little prize)

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So the first piece of news is that my big sister just moved to NYC and we are really excited to live in the same city for the first time as adults! I’ve been here for about eight years now and have been slowly, gradually working on a plan to get her to move. At last!

To welcome her to the city, I’m putting together a box of tips and ideas for favorite places to see, eat, play, visit, sit, walk, bike, drink, celebrate, and generally enjoy New York.

What is your suggestion? What’s one of your favorite places in New York City?

Please post your recommendation as a comment on this post. You don’t need to live here to make a suggestion! At 5pm EST Friday (June 25), I’ll choose one of you by random and gift you a Paperfinger-made NYC skyline stamp (with the illustration above) and an ink pad (in any color of your choice).

Thanks so much for contributing your ideas!

wedding monogram : custom by paperfinger

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It’s very satisfying to see the professional photos from weddings I worked on! My lovely client Rachel, who married in May, hired me to create a custom monogram that she used on her programs (the pretty fans above), special signage and party favors. All photography by Ash Little Photography.

I also included one round of sketches so you can see the various ideas we were considering before Rachel decided on this layout.

vanessa jackman photo blog: australian fashion week

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I recently heard about Vanessa Jackman‘s photography blog, which is a similar format to many street-style, professional-photographer blogs. The images are large and colorful and the recent set taken at Australia Fashion Week was full of interesting get-ups and pretty people. I’ve included a few of my favorites here.

All photography courtesy of Vanessa Jackman.

i wouldn't mind : a green rooftop

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Re-Nest posted a gallery of green rooftops today. Remind me to build one of these for Paperfinger’s next studio space.

See the full post and all image references at Re-Nest.

summer : solstice

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It’s the longest day of the year. Enjoy the sunlight and happy solstice! Maybe you can partake in one of the many traditions from around the world for celebrating midsummer. Here are a few ideas:

  • Candle flames & bonfires – a part of so many Midsummer traditions (like in Ireland, Australia, Canada, France, England, Norway, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Finland)
  • Jumping over the flames — as in Estonia, Latvia and Germany. This will guarantee prosperity.
  • Eat corn for the corn harvest season in Brazil
  • Cook with herbs for the common practice in many places where women, sorceresses and enchantresses gather medicinal plants at Midsummer.
  • Music and dancing (everyone does this, but add a maypole for the Russians and Swedes)
  • Feasting – always appropriate
  • Buy flowers for the ladies and leaves for the men as they do in Latvia
  • Declare your love to someone by offering them a small pot with a sweet basil plant growing in it, as is the practice in Lisbon
  • Lights to honor Li, the Chinese Goddess of Light
  • Frolicking – universal

bryn listens : miriam makeba

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I love Miriam Makeba. Her voice is a bell and feels good with this sunny day. And of course, South Africa is on our minds with the World Cup in full swing.

Enjoy three tracks selected from a compilation titled Mama Africa.

Listen with me:

Pata Pata


Tula Ndivile

(*Image via The Independent)