bryn listens : tom zé

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tom_zeI’m doing the opposite of a rain dance today, hoping the rain will hold off for my first visit to Citi Field, the Mets’ new ball field, tonight.

Gotta have music to dance to, so here’s Tom Zé singing Vai (Menina, Amanha de Manha).

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handmade by contexture : coffee cuffs

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I sheepishly reached for a coffee sleeve to protect my hands from my scalding to-go cup of tea this morning and remembered this brilliant and sleek design by Contexture. They designed a line called Bentwood, which includes these reclaimed wood veneer Coffee Cuffs, which double as cuff bracelets and coffee sleeves.


(*via At Home with Kim Valee)

chicken coops and pickle factories : green house framing

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wine-vat-picture-frameThis frame is made from an old wine vat. Green House Framing takes recycled and reclaimed wood and makes picture frames of different sizes. They have a special limited edition line of frames that have been made from unique wood materials acquired through donations or discovered as treasure in trash heaps. Scraps from a pickle factory in Oregon, a chicken coop, or a Kentucky Jim Beam distillery are made into chic, rustic frames.

(*via Treehugger’s Green Gift Guide)

they hadn't seen each other for a while

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Stanley & Marvin is a small, paperback book written and illustrated by Billy Kiosoglou, with typography by Frank Philippin. Kiosoglou and Philippin work together in the London design firm, Brighten the Corners.


The illustrations are made up of fonts and letters.


Life has grown a bit hectic for Stanley and he wrestles with the fact that things will never really be the same again.


(*via Cool Hunting)

learning the difference : lodgepole pines

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I’ve been drawing pine trees for a client’s custom stamps lately and the latest version is this pair of lodgepole pines. I enjoyed the practice of drawing them because it made me take note of the distinctive qualities of this particular kind of tree. The branches slope mostly upward, the tree takes a slight pear shape, and there’s that skinny bare trunk at the base. I think I’ve made friends with them.

paper birds : anna-wili highfield

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Anna-Wili Highfield, from Sydney, makes these bird sculptures from different types of paper–torn, watercolor, egg cartons–all sewn together to produce these lifelike creatures. The birds (owls, pigeons, kookaburras) look like drawings come to life. Some of these images remind me of the Chris van Allsburg drawing where a bird is seen peeling off from the wallpaper.




(*via Distillate; Images via Anna-Wili)

a twist : my french manicure

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My sister treated me to a gift certificate at The Polish Bar of Brooklyn, my favorite nail spa in the Ft Greene/Clinton Hill area. For some reason, I’ve been fixed on this idea for several weeks now to try out some unusual color combinations in a french manicure format. As a calligrapher, I like to think that this is a professional necessity. Here’s the result. I’m into it!


best made company : custom axes

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Apartment Therapy‘s comment that axes may be the new antlers made me laugh. It is a natural progression, perhaps. We’ve done beards. It’s time for wood chucking. If so, let’s try it with these beauties by Best Made Company. Each axe is made to order with hickory wood handles. They’re available to order on their site.

bryn listens : tom waits

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lowsideoftheroad-tomwaitsI was determined to listen to this song after reading in a recent NY Times article that a musical historian (Simon Schama) referred to Tom Waits’, ‘Ol ’55, as “the single most beautiful love song since Gershwin and Cole Porter shut their piano lids.” That’s a serious claim, which I’m not quite ready to stand by, but it is a wonderful song. And who isn’t deeply impressed by that Tom, for whatever reaction he may inspire.

If you have a better suggestion from his collection, please share!

Listen with me.

(*Image via Amazon, where you can find Barney Hoskyns’ new book about Tom Waits; Quote via The New York Times’ review of the book)

exciting !!! apartment therapy san fran features napkin invites

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brynchernoff-napkininvite-insideThanks to the coverage on 100 Layer Cake, my handwritten and hand-drawn napkin invitations were just featured on Apartment Therapy San Francisco!

Thanks very much to Monika for the post.

For any one liking this idea, but lacking the patience, let me know! I offer custom napkin projects for clients so feel free to contact me (bryn[at]paperfinger[dot]com) for more info.