making japchae : a favorite korean dish

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This is the start of one of my favorite Korean dishes, japchea (pronounced like “chop-che”), a mild noodle dish packed with veggies and beef.

I documented the recent preparation of a big batch — really helps to work with a giant bowl — so you can get a sense of the steps. And here’s a good recipe. It’s not too tricky, but a bit time consuming since all the veggies need to be precooked and chopped before mixed in with the Vermicelli noodles. Mix all that in with soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, and sesame seeds and serve room temp. So so delicious!


summer travels : mccall, idaho

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To celebrate my dear bud Angie‘s birthday, I made a trip out to McCall, Idaho in early June to visit her family’s cabin along with a few other friends. The cabin was a remote and cozy home base (it was cold out there!) for lots of cooking and eating, cocktails*, and admiring the view of Payette Lake and the snowcapped mountains behind. We went morel mushroom hunting, which was a really fun outing — we picked eight pounds! — and cooked up the mushrooms that night to serve with grilled steak and veggies. Incredible.

Please note that on this trip I discovered the “minature” setting on my Canon PowerShot so there are quite a few that feature the blurred effect. Just couldn’t help myself.

* And I’m now a huge fan of the “Old Pal” — rye, vermouth and campari. Such a good warming drink and the campari balances it all. Try it out!


mud pies and other recipes : by margaret winslow

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Happy Solstice! This felt like a fitting post for today.

The New York Review Children’s Collection recently reissued this incredible children’s book, Mud Pies and Other Recipes. I’m in love and not so sure if I encountered it as a kid, but either way, it’s simple and brilliant. A “cookbook for dolls” is how the author, Marjorie Winslow, describes it. Here are some sample pages to give you a sense.

I think this is a perfect gift for any imaginative soul!

photo essay : how we make a greek feast

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As I mentioned on Tuesday, the annual tradition at my parents’ house is to make a huge spring feast of Greek food for the extended family. No one is actually Greek, but whatever. We do it right. Here’s how it goes down, as documented last Sunday.

Yassou! (to your health)

(Hope I spelled it all right, Momma!)

the geometry : of my weekend

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This past weekend was the traditional Greek feast that my parents host every year. No, we’re not Greek. But my parents lived there for a couple years when they were first married, so we’ve adopted the culture somewhat — and with this food, who wouldn’t?

I’ll be sharing images from the weekend with you all week. To start, a birds-eye view of some of the goodies.

the perfect shape + the perfect sauce = the geometry of pasta

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You guys, this is gorgeous! The Geometry of Pasta is all about the different shapes of Italian pasta and how your sauce can best be created to complement the shape of the pasta. Such a beautiful concept to explore and the graphics are really incredible. Apparently the recipes are great too! So says Jamie Oliver and other bigwigs.

It was co-authored by chef Jacob Kennedy of London’s Bocca di Lupo and designer Caz Hildebrand of Here Design. Technical drawings are by Lisa Vandy of Now Ware.

(*via my mom, isn’t she so cool?)

wedding gift guide : superior servers

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These are full-size (11″) stainless steel serving utensils (serving spoon, a carving fork, and a slotted straining spoon) that have been dipped in four of the most delicious colors, inspired by the dipped ends of hand tools. They are available from Ladies & Gentlemen for $35 each. A set of two or all four would make a great wedding gift! You can buy them online here.

(*via Re-Nest)

paperfinger for sunday suppers : menu design

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I designed this menu for a private dinner party created and hosted by Karen Mordechai of the esteemed Sunday Suppers (= luxurious cooking classes, beautiful food photography, custom events and dreamy recipes). Armed with some information on the aesthetic of the evening and that it would be a table full of enthusiastic foodies, I created this menu and hand wrote each one to be placed at the guests’ seats.

My inspiration came from the now-ubiquitous meat cut diagrams that oh so many restaurants have incorporated into their interiors, menus and logos. Rather than diagram the meat, I decided to diagram the meal!

Along with the menu, Karen needed a few signs and labels for the homemade tomato jam that served as a party favor. Here’s the recipe.

As always, Karen styled a beautiful table along with florals by Jessie of Rountree.

And a few more shots of the materials in my studio:

All gorgeous photos shot by Karen Mordechai. All the normal-looking ones were shot by me in the studio. Pig diagram courtesy of

pizza at home : a success!

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You heard me rave about my pizza making class this week — well, I put my training to the test last night and voila! Amazing homemade pizza without supervision! So good and so simple.

holiday gift guide : brooklyn kitchen

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Yesterday I took an afternoon class in pizza-making at Brooklyn Kitchen.

It was so much fun — very laid back but also useful and informative. The instructors are both star pizza chefs of the completely wonderful Roberta’s in Bushwick, Brooklyn so I was really pumped to learn from them. Not to mention eat some of the best pizza in New York as it came out of the oven in steady succession throughout the entire class. Yum.

This class was a gift certificate from last Christmas (no time like the present!) and after class I wandered around their store and butcher shop, The Meat Hook, to admire all the beautiful food goods, meats and cooking tools. A gift certificate (available in a range of amounts) is such a great gift because you can use it for classes or just in the shop.

Upcoming classes include homemade mozzarella, fresh pasta, winter cocktails, pickling with Bob, knife skills, dim sum…I want to keep listing classes but I’ll stop there.

(Last image via Eater)