tanamachi studio : literary journal

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In the spirit of Valentine’s, this lined notebook ($13.50) from one of my very favorites, Tanamachi Studio.

Literary_Lined_Pages_b5562e6d-16a0-45f0-b003-e47bd15aa94c_grande Romeo_Interior_Bookplate_grande

personalized : HAY notebooks

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These edge notebooks from HAY are simple and superb. Gold edged pages are all a solid color. I personalized these for some special folks last month, writing names in white with splattered ink.



ji zhou : civilized landscape

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These are images from Beijing native, Ji Zhou’s series titled “Civilized Landscape” created using books, maps and photography to produce these urban and topographical landscapes.

jizhou-5 jizhou-4 jizhou-3

(*via The Shiny Squirrel)

elizabeth gilbert : the signature of all things

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One of my best vacation reads was Elizabeth Gilbert’s new novel, The Signature of All Things. Such a delicious, engrossing treat and I can’t help but feel relieved and thrilled for her success with it as I carry her TED Talk in my head so often. Check out that talk if you haven’t watched it yet. And definitely pick up this book!


wordstock : cheryl strayed

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Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 9.49.18 AM

Saw Cheryl Strayed (author of two of my favorite books, Tiny Beautiful Things and Wild) and Ayana Mathis (author of The Twelve Tribes of Hattie) interviewed last night at the opening event of Portland’s Wordstock, a “festival of words.”

I was reminded of what a brilliant bad-ass Cheryl is in person and it got me to return to Tiny Beautiful Things last night, which is a serious treasure and gift to the world. Eager to read Mathis’ book as well.

More events this week from Wordstock listed here.


jerusalem : a cookbook

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I’m infatuated. And it’s only been three dates. But every dish I’ve made from the cookbook Jerusalem, has been outstanding. Last night it was the Braised Eggs with Lamb, Tahini and Sumac. Tremendous!



IMG_4907 1



ramble of the little girl : popup by nathalie lété

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Let the sweet and talented Nathalie Lété read you her beautiful painted pop-up book story, Ramble of the Little Girl. A very gentle experience — and a lush and tender book.

(*via Children’s Illustration)

books of cities : edgard barbosa

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Books of Cities is the result of an info-graphic design assignment completed by Edgard Barbosa, which measures the number of books (English language), that refer to these 10 major cities over the course of time between 1800 and 2000.

(*via I Love Charts)

rambharos jha : waterlife

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Waterlife is a silk-screen book, printed by hand on handmade paper with natural dyes in Chennai, India. It is published by Tara Books. There are 3,000 hand-numbered copies available. Author and illustrator Rambharos Jha uses a traditional style of folk painting known as Mithila. Remarkable. You can also find it on Amazon.







(*via Brain Pickings)

festina lente libros : 8 soles de viaje

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I’m in love a little bit. 8 Soles de Viaje is a darling masterpiece, from the independent Columbian publisher, Festina Lente Libros. The story was written by Juliana Toro Suarez and Natalia Peez Penagos; illustrations by Natalia Perez Penagos; and calligraphy by Juliana Toro Suaez. The book was created as a personal project and their statement below explains a bit more:

8 soles de viaje is the diary of an anonymous traveler who goes to another galaxy trying to escape from his own reality, revealing human situations through the metaphor of a journey. While El inventario de palabras, is the explorer’s legacy in the shape of an A-Z bestiary of creatures he has found in his life, simulating stereotypes of the everyday people. The first book is constructed from a single strip of paper that unfolds much like any journey, while the second contains twenty six postcards meant for the reader to send away. Our books are meant to form emotional bonds through narrative, empathy, and the aesthetic love for an object.











(*via FPO)