autumn leaves : andy goldsworthy

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I could feel the air change yesterday, as the new season arrived. Happy Equinox!

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wallpaper heaven : svenskt tenn

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Huge crush. The entire Svenskt Tenn shop is bliss. I’m focusing on the wallpaper alone today. Goodness!

Svenskt Tenn is an interior design company located on Strandvägen in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in 1924 by Estrid Ericson, who recruited Josef Frank to the company 10 years later.







(*shout out to ms. cate-ums)

pebble vases : sugahara glassworks

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I fell for these unique and handblown pebble vases by renowned Japanese glassworks crafters, Sugahara, at Canoe Portland this weekend. Elegant on their own or in a cluster together. $24 each.

Sugahara has an inspiring company statement. Here’s an excerpt:

There is a moment when glass, as a liquid under extreme heat, attains its supreme beauty.
That moment is captured, and a form is given to it.
Drawing out the infinite potential of glass to the fullest
Creating a unique shine and flowing forms
To do this,
Craftsmen stand face-to-face with glass each day and listen to its voices.

1573 303 buds 1569 3092

the square : seokmin ko

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This is a great series by Seoul-based artist Seokmin Ko.


03 (1)


02 (1)

04 (1)



These images are included courtesy of artist and Art Projects International, New York.

(*via Unknown Editors)

ramble of the little girl : popup by nathalie lété

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Let the sweet and talented Nathalie Lété read you her beautiful painted pop-up book story, Ramble of the Little Girl. A very gentle experience — and a lush and tender book.

(*via Children’s Illustration)

desk set : field x daniel emma

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Daniel Emma Field

This desk set is an elegant collaboration between design team Daniel Emma for FIELD, each piece a unique and natural material.

Each piece can be purchased from Field’s online shop:
Bookends – Soapstone
Mousepad – 6mm Leather
Pen Pot – Turned quarter cut yellow pine
Paperweight/Magnefier – Machined Copper

de field pen pot function de field bookends function de_mousepad03-935-xxx_800 de field paperweight field

melting north : bahar yurukoglu

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Images courtesy of

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the work of : el lissitzky

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Yesterday’s post led me to the work of El Lissitzky. Immediate love.

He lived from 1890-1941 and worked in so many creative formats – photography, typography, illustration, architecture, book and poster design. He’s known for his influence on the art movement of geometric-based design, Suprematism, as well as his contributions to Soviet propaganda design work.







8. Old Man (Head 2 Steps behind) 1923 by El Lissitzky 1890-1941

stacked objects shelving : emiel remmelts

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Beautiful and smart design by Emiel Remmelts. These stacked object designs use objects to space and hold the shelves, each design unique and flexible in its construction. I especially love Emiel’s drawings below. The concept and designs were greatly influenced by the work of Russian architect/artist/designer, El Lissitzky. (More on him tomorrow.)

stacked_objects02 minimalist-collage-drawing-2 collage-design-stacked-objects-1 stacked_objects01 minimalist-collage-drawing-1


(*via Design Milk)

paperhand puppets : invisible earth

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Paperhand Puppets Intervention puts on some seriously impressive performances with their large scale puppets and sculptures. Based in North Carolina, they’ve been putting on a summer show for the last fourteen years. This summer, it’s called “Invisible Earth” and these are photos of the performance, taken by Lee Capps Photography. Looks incredible!

Here’s Paperhand’s intriguing description of this summer’s production:

A paradoxical pageant of hope, impending doom and planetary possibilities.  The Monkeys of the Modern World, explore the workings of the world and ask; What is our nature? Are we creators or buffoons? Are we evolving?  The great unfolding mystery of the Invisible Earth is upon us!  Featuring the Dance of Domestication and a cast of goats, chickens, pigs and trilobites.  New this year, music created by critically acclaimed composer Ari Picker of Lost in the Trees and an all new Paperhand band.  Join us for an evening of exploration, enchantment, and ancient creatures!

Using giant puppets, masks, stilts, painted flats, junk, and paper-cut shadows, Paperhand tells stories that reflect our humanity (or lack there of) back to us, hoping to inspire people of all ages toward a better world.












(*via Children’s Illustration)