how to be alone : andrea dorfman

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iris apfel : the doc

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If you haven’t yet, watch the documentary on Iris Apfel, which I keep revisiting in my mind.

She is a charming, wonderful woman to be around and I found her uniquely inspiring.

(*photo via Vogue)

vases with noses : matteo cibic

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Ceramics with personality. Vasonaso by Matteo Cibic.

Available for purchase (approx $185 apiece).

s6_vasonaso_matteo_cibic_yatzer f5_vasonaso_matteo_cibic_yatzer s2_vasonaso_matteo_cibic_yatzer p3_vasonaso_matteo_cibic_yatzer p2_vasonaso_matteo_cibic_yatzer

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ji zhou : civilized landscape

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These are images from Beijing native, Ji Zhou’s series titled “Civilized Landscape” created using books, maps and photography to produce these urban and topographical landscapes.

jizhou-5 jizhou-4 jizhou-3

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galbraith & paul : patterned textiles

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Beautiful, timeless work from the Philadelphia-based studio, Galbraith & Paul, who specializes in hand blockprinted patterns for fabrics, wallpaper and rugs.



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paintings : paige jiyoung moon

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I’m captivated by the real-life and distinctly Korean scenes in Paige Jiyoung Moon‘s paintings.

paige-jiyoung-moon06 paige-jiyoung-moon05 paige-jiyoung-moon03 paige-jiyoung-moon02 paige-jiyoung-moon04


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cindy sherman : for louis vuitton

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I was surprised and intrigued to see artist Cindy Sherman’s creation for Louis Vuitton’s Iconoclasts series, in celebration of the brand’s 160th anniversary. She created the Studio in a Trunk featuring drawers, a folding stool and adorned with vintage hotel labels — as well as a Camera Messenger bag.

Fitted with a luxurious vanity case, a Camera Messenger bag and a total of 31 drawers (to accommodate treasures large and small), the trunk’s interior dazzles with hues borrowed from the plumage of Mister Frida, the artist’s pet macaw. The Studio in a Trunk is produced in a limited edition of 25.



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sculptures : by crystal morey

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Ceramic works by Crystal Morey of Oakland, California.

Crystal-Morey-Ceramic-Sculptures2-640x477 Crystal-Morey-Ceramic-Sculptures1 Crystal-Morey-Ceramic-Sculptures3


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walter hugo & zoniel : streetside jellyfish tank

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Artists Walter Hugo & Zoniel created this piece in Liverpool, an old garage door displaying a beautiful tank of jellyfish to street passerbys, entitled “The Physical Possibility of Inspiring Imagination in the Mind of Somebody Living.”



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summer sun : eric carle

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Summer Sun - Eric Carle

(*from Eric Carle’s Blog)