no-gross-stuff strainer : tweak

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This new product, Tweak, from Tel Aviv design duo Nitzan Shafat and Aviv Rozenfeld resolves the ickiest part of the dish-washing process: removal of all the food gunk that accumulates at the drain. Clever!

They’re backing their first big production run through Kickstarter, selling large and small Tweaks (sink or bathtub) for $8 or more in contributions.

(*via Cup of Jo)

darling point apartment : by arent & pyke

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Been crushing on this top image for the past week. Not to mention the whole rest of the apartment. This is the interior design work of Arent & Pyke, all photos posted to their blog, In/Out.





pinch : furniture + lighting

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Yum yum yum. The collection from UK-based, husband/wife-led studio, Pinch, is pretty much perfect.

Could. not. stop. adding. photos.









(*via In/Out)

linen bento bags : ambatalia for quitokeeto

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Screenshot 2014-05-04 09.27.46

What an elegant, simple solution. Linen Bento Bags (3 for $38) can be used to store grains, gifts, knick knacks, snacks, whatever you choose. Easily washable and reusable. Approximately 10″ (wide) x 4″ (deep).

Made in California by Ambatalia and sold by Quitokeeto.

Screenshot 2014-05-04 09.28.30

Screenshot 2014-05-04 09.28.18

Screenshot 2014-05-04 09.28.04

binchotan : charcoal products

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Screenshot 2014-05-04 09.16.57

I appreciate the careful selection of products available from New Zealand’s Douglas and Bec shop. Their newest addition is a line of charcoal products from Japan – such as an eye mask, facial soap, body scrub towel, pumice stone and charcoal sticks for water or room purification.

Their description does the trick:

The Japanese have been using Binchotan charcoal for its purification, skin care and health properties for centuries. The tradition of producing Binchotan comes from the Kishu region of Japan, where oak branches are burnt until red hot and then cooled down rapidly.

The more we research Binchotan, the more uses we find for it. To use Binchotan sticks for water, simply clean off any loose charcoal and rinse off, then boil for around 10 minutes. Pop it in a jug of water and you are ready to go. Along with drawing out impurities and chemicals (like chlorine), they add nutrients such as magnesium, manganese, calcium, and iron to your drinking water.

Screenshot 2014-05-04 09.16.26

Screenshot 2014-05-04 09.17.24

Screenshot 2014-05-04 09.17.42

Screenshot 2014-05-04 09.17.08

Screenshot 2014-05-04 09.17.51

watermark collection : deborah osburn

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Deborah Osburn of clé released this month a new collection of tiles, the Watermark Collection.

There are a range of color-ways available and each tile has a unique design inspired by Japanese dying techniques — “dip, stroke, stain and wash with authentic indigo and gold verdigris pigments…dreamy, meditative, and wildly dissimilar- please expect every one of the tiles from this series to invoke the unique individuality of its namesake- watermark.” Inspiring!







(*via Design Milk)

home views : finn juhl

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I want to hang out here. Danish designer Finn Juhl’s home outside of Copenhagen.

(Photo by Leslie Williamson, courtesy of Rizzoli, New York; via The New York Times)

creative clothing rods : annaleena leino

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What a cool solution. The Swedith interior stylist, Annaleena Leino, made this hand-forged iron cursive clothing hanger for her home. She’s considering producing them — I vote yes!

She makes a few other clothing hangers for retail with similar structures but in a variety of shapes, pictured below as well.






(*via Veda House)

collector’s shelving system : by amuneal

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I’ve been gazing at the dreamy Collector’s Shelving System made to order by Amuneal Manufacturing Corp of Philadelphia. It’s a modular design and can be ordered in any combo or configuration. Materials are brass and three varieties of oak with blackened steel supports. Orders are quoted upon request.




(*via Notcot)

hand-thrown ceramics : mazama

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Clean designs and appealing colors from the Portland, Oregon ceramics company, Mazama — made by a team of designers and makers. Pieces pictured range from $30 – $65. Browse their online shop.




(*via A Continuous Lean)