queretaro, mexico : scene six

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Happy Holy Week!


queretaro, mexico : scene five

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Our magical courtyard.

queretaro, mexico : scene four

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We took to the road to drive through the vast mountains of the Sierra Gorda, a region north of Queretaro city. Some of the roads took us high into the clouds, as the road wound in hairpin turns through misty little villages. This is an archeological site from the 5th century, the ruins of Las Ranas.


queretaro, mexico : scene three

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We cooked lunch at home and my momma taught me her mean enchilada recipe. Hot damn!

queretaro, mexico : scene two

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So many sweet, colorful streets.


queretaro, mexico : scene one

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My folks have taken up residency this month in the Mexican city of Queretaro, a beautiful old city about three hours north of Mexico City. I’m here all week with my sis and will share some scenes as we explore town. Came upon this enchanting gate on a walk this Sunday.

atop blackcomb mountain : angie smith

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Amazing image from photographer and friend Angie Smith, from a recent visit to British Columbia’s Blackcomb Mountain.

Found on her blog: blog.angiesmithphotography.com.


waimea canyon : alakai’i swamp trail

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Waimea Canyon on Kauai is one of most striking parts of the island, known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”

One of our best island adventures was a drive to the top of the canyon and then a long hike across the peak of the canyon’s mountains crossing over the island through a swamp in the clouds. It was pure storybook sci-fi — a magical trail that started with muddy slopes (EPIC mud), rambling up and down like a crazy slippery jungle gym.

After a couple miles, it transitioned into the Alakai’i Swamp and for the next 4 miles or so, the path was a wooden platform that wove through a wonderland of trees and lush swamp plants, up and down the mountain ridge slopes. We literally walked through clouds of mist and fog, visibility limited to ten feet at times. I think I said “gorillas in the mist” a few dozen times. Watch the mist here.









beach camping bliss : polihale, kauai

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Our favorite part of the Kauai trip was camping on the beach at Polihale, Kauai’s most remote region. It’s a stretch of wide sand that runs for 17 miles along the west coast where it runs up against the Na Pali coastal mountains.

Sick waves, total quiet, incredibly starry skies and the bliss that comes with zero connectivity. We spaced out, cooked over fires, watched humpback whales splash around offshore and just stayed put. Here are some scenes of morning light, sunsets and the glorious, hot-as-heck sunshine.









waimea plantation cottages : kauai hawaii

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Waimea Plantation Cottages are located on Kauai’s southwestern shore, beautifully situated just outside the tiny town of Waimea.

We spent a couple nights here on our trip last week. …sigh….such a sweet spot. Each cottage is unique, decorated with simple furnishings, incorporating some gorgeous vintage Hawaiian fabrics. Quiet whirring ceiling fans, airy kitchens, a claw foot tub. It’s semi-luxe but also really homey. And a great base for our time exploring Waimea Canyon and some western beaches.

Forgive the music on their website and have a closer look: waimeaplantation.com. The beach isn’t swimmable but there’s a nice pool overlooking the Pacific. The first six pictures are mine, the rest courtesy of Waimea’s site.