ogilvy : signature wall

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Handpainted signature wall at Ogilvy offices by Graphic Fury. Fantastic!


thanksgiving recipes : by state

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Screenshot 2014-12-01 11.43.32

I love this! The New York Times posted the most popular Google recipe searches on Thanksgiving day by state.

announcing : the artist holiday

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I’m so happy to be joining up with Jen Huang and Poppies & Posies for this three-day workshop series in April. It will be a beautiful setting in Santa Barbara and a great opportunity for folks to settle in to¬†learn and practice photography, event design and calligraphy.

For questions or interest, please email workshops@jenhuangphoto.com.


morning meditation : slow-motion surfing

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SURFING @ 1000 FRAMES PER SECOND from Chris Bryan on Vimeo.

The new and powerful Phantom Flex4K camera used to shoot this footage at 1000 frames per second goes for anywhere between 100-160 thousand bucks. Wow.

(*via Kottke)

walter hugo & zoniel : streetside jellyfish tank

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Artists Walter Hugo & Zoniel created this piece in Liverpool, an old garage door displaying a beautiful tank of jellyfish to street passerbys, entitled “The Physical Possibility of Inspiring Imagination in the Mind of Somebody Living.”



(*via Huh)

daydreaming : beach forts

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Can we just do this today instead? Lauren of Honestly WTF assembled a whole collection of dreamy beach forts. Here are some favorites.

beach_fort_wtf03 beach_fort_wtf004 beach_fort_wtf00

there are few things better : than an outdoor shower

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Remodelista featured a collection of outdoor showers. Here are a few favorites from the bunch. The epitome of summer pleasures.







(*via Lonny)

happy summer ! surfing dolphins

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Incredible view of 30 or so dolphins surfing some waves in Western Australia together. The footage was captured by Jennene and Dave Riggs of RiggsAustralia.

“Huge pods of bottlenose dolphins cruise the shoreline, surfing, playing and teaching their young how to forage amongst the crystal clear turquoise waters.”

(*via EarthSky)

barca for mayor : healing kaua’i

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Dustin Barca Run for Mayor 103

Just got back from a week on the island of Kaua’i where an inspiring mayoral race is underway. New candidate, Dustin Barca, a native of Kaua’i, returned to the island after a tour as a professional surfer and took his activist spirit into the political realm by running for mayor. (Mayors govern each individual island in Hawaii.) We saw signs, bumper stickers, shirts promoting him everywhere on the island.

Screen shot 2014-06-15 at 10.06.07 PM

Even in his campaign posters, he is approachable in a t-shirt and kind face, standing in a field — and after reading interviews and campaign literature, it’s clear he’s a passionate advocate for his home. He is focusing specifically on the restoration of Kauaian culture; sustainable agriculture; restoring the islands original waterways and addressing the local drug problem through rehabilitation programs and less imprisonment. “For the people, from the heart.”


Barca impressively launched his campaign with a literal “run” for mayor by completing a 4-day, 90-mile marathon across the entire island to get the word out. Best of luck, Barca!!

Dustin Barca Run For Mayor 2 011

Dustin Barca Run For Mayor 2 055

Dustin Barca Run For Mayor 2 024


world cup : excitement

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Who’s watching? The games begin today!