tanamachi studio : literary journal

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In the spirit of Valentine’s, this lined notebook ($13.50) from one of my very favorites, Tanamachi Studio.

Literary_Lined_Pages_b5562e6d-16a0-45f0-b003-e47bd15aa94c_grande Romeo_Interior_Bookplate_grande

personalized : HAY notebooks

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These edge notebooks from HAY are simple and superb. Gold edged pages are all a solid color. I personalized these for some special folks last month, writing names in white with splattered ink.



ji zhou : civilized landscape

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These are images from Beijing native, Ji Zhou’s series titled “Civilized Landscape” created using books, maps and photography to produce these urban and topographical landscapes.

jizhou-5 jizhou-4 jizhou-3

(*via The Shiny Squirrel)

announcing : the artist holiday

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I’m so happy to be joining up with Jen Huang and Poppies & Posies for this three-day workshop series in April. It will be a beautiful setting in Santa Barbara and a great opportunity for folks to settle in to learn and practice photography, event design and calligraphy.

For questions or interest, please email workshops@jenhuangphoto.com.


art we heart : paper plants

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Handmade paper plants by Art We Heart in Los Angeles ($75 ea).





(*via Design Is Mine / SwissMiss)

bloom where you are planted : susa talan

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Beautiful 5×5 card by Susa Talan, $4.

hello madeleine : baby announcements

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I had the pleasure of creating custom hand-lettered baby announcements for sweet Madeleine, born this April. Beautifully printed by Nightingale Handmade.


cameron moll : brooklyn bridge poster

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Cameron Moll‘s letterpress masterpiece of type is not just a beautiful representation of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. “In the artwork, there’s a metric tonne of hidden text: names of the architect, engineers, and laborers that perished; shops and restaurants in Brooklyn; and other items with relation to the bridge…The time spent designing the artwork was more than 300 hours, but the time spent doing research—trips to Brooklyn, studying the bridge, selecting typefaces, thoroughly annotating The Great Bridge—is easily double or triple that amount.”

You may notice the typo in “Brooklyn” on the images — there’s a funny story to go along with that too. Check out his website dedicated to the project and explore options for purchase. Bravo Cameron!




(*via HOW Design)

paper sculpture : concarta studio

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Gwen Barba started Concarta Studio in 2010 to offer paper sculpture and decorative object design for custom clients. Her designs are pleasingly clean and fresh with added elements like watercolor to enhance her paper-cutting skills.

Cake toppers, art, display pieces are among the various types of creations she provides to her clients. Contact Concarta for a custom commission.

Watercolormonogram3 PinkFloralCakeTopper41 White-Wreath-Initial1 Watercolor-paper-flowers


(*via Ritzy Bee)

we love this place : claire brewster

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Claire Brewster hand-cuts maps to portray birds in flight in a series of beautiful art pieces, as in the above example titled We love this place.

Below, The secret we are seeking.


Enjoy the rest of the collection.

(*via Fubiz)