bryn listens : betty lavette

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Mississippi Records‘ mix tapes always put me on to gems, like this one from Betty Lavette.

bryn listens : a cosmic and earthly history of recorded music according to mississippi records

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A Cosmic and Earthly History of Recorded Music According to Mississippi Records from plastic shaman on Vimeo.

Looking forward to checking out whatever this really is next week at Portland’s Hollywood Theater! Sign me up for anything with the folks of Mississippi Records.

bryn listens : michael kiwanuka

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A gentle one for today by Michael Kiwanuka, “No More Running,” from the new film A Long Way Down.

(*Thx Noah!)

bryn listens : musical youth

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Throwback! And summer is here so this just sounds right. You could feel it ’cause it was the month of June

Hey team, next time at karaoke?

bryn listens : songza

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congo-rumba celebrate

Have you guys tried Songza yet?

Songza is kind of like a new and improved Pandora — curated music by experts but with a different structure.

You can listen to streaming playlists by genre (Classic Hawaiian Steel Guitar), mood (Introspective -> Sunset Soundtrack), activity (Unwinding After Work -> Grown Folks Hip Hop) or decade (60’s International -> 60’s Salsa).

Available streaming online or as an app.

At this moment I’m listening to the Congolese Rumba mix, so good!

bryn listens : doris troy

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I recently returned to this song by Doris Troy with fresh appreciation.

And it feels sorta Friday-ish, no?

Plus I discovered that there’s something about 1963 in particular when some of my most treasured soul songs were released…

a-z of dance : from i-D

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Oh hey Monday!

A – Arabesque, Morgan Quinn
B – B-girl, Bgirl Terra
C – Chicken Noodle Soup, Terence Dickson
D – Death Drop, Nick Lanzisera
E – East Coast Swing, Yani Marin, Nathan Kim
F – Finger Tut, John P-Nut Hunt
G – Grand Jeté, Julia Cinquemani
H – Harlem Shake, Amanda Meade-Tatum
I – Indian Bhangra, Reshma Gajjar
J – Jump Style, Høps
K – Krump, Jigsaw
L – Liquid Dance, Phillip ‘Pacman’ Chbeeb
M – Memphis Jookin, Lil Buck
N – Northern Soul, Levanna McLean
O – OMG, Anthony ‘Lil’ Bob’ Cabaero
P – Pole, Nicole ‘The Pole’ Williams
Q – Questionable, Reid Shapiro
R – Rumba, Junior and Emily Alabi
S – Step, Soul Steps: Dionne Norton, Heather DeLeon, Maxine Lyle
T – Twerk, Twerk Team: Lady Luscious, Mizz Twerksum
U – Ultimate, Shofu Tha Beatdown
V – Vogue Hands, Javier Madrid of Legendary House of Ninja
W – Whine, Colleen Craig
X – X-press Yourself, Ryan Heffington
Y – YMCA, Allison Chu at Next Models LA
Z – TurF FeinZ: Byron Vincent Sanders Jr aka T7, Donald Brooks aka Torch, Eric Bossett aka Kidd Strobe, Gary Morgan aka Noh-justice, Leon M Williams aka Mann, Rayshawn Thompson aka Looney2smooth

bryn listens : irma thomas

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Spending a rainy week in ultra-green Portland, Oregon. Love this song sung by Irma Thomas and I’m always grateful to the rain for letting me listen to it.

bryn listens : sharon jones & the dap-kings

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Saw Ms. Sharon Jones and her Dap-Kings perform this week. She’s looking great and the band sounds incredible, against the odds of her battle with cancer this past year (she’s cancer-free now). It took me back to the many times I’ve seen them live and to how much I love this song in particular. Here she is in 2011 on Conan, a night before her show at Southpaw, Brooklyn, which I remember so well. Bravo Sharon!

bryn listens : SELA.

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Intriguing new music from SELA. Not even quite sure what’s happening but I like it.