ha! : the i have no ideas mug

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Made me laugh. I Have No Ideas And I Hate Everything / I’m a Genius! Mug by Emily McDowell ($15 on Etsy).

bennetto : drinking chocolate

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How gorgeous! Bennetto Drinking Chocolate packaging was designed by One Design, with illustrations by Henrietta Harris.


(*via The Dieline)


umino seaweed shop : laser cut nori

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What pretty treasures! Umino Seawood Shop of Ibaraki, Japan uses a special thicker nori for their speciality laser cut “Design Nori.”

DesignNori-2 DesignNori-3 DesignNori-1


(*via Pattern Pulp; via Design-Milk)

sierra & michael’s wedding [part 3] : helado bar

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They also planned a yummy and colorful ice cream bar as a part of the wedding festivities and I created some fun signage for the display.




All photography by Jen Huang.

seed design : lupains

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I am so drawn to the bold design and concept behind the branding and packaging for Lupains bakery, created by design firm Les bons faiseurs.





(*via The Dieline)

jerusalem : a cookbook

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I’m infatuated. And it’s only been three dates. But every dish I’ve made from the cookbook Jerusalem, has been outstanding. Last night it was the Braised Eggs with Lamb, Tahini and Sumac. Tremendous!



IMG_4907 1



alaya’s : herbal water

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I’m so rarely into flavored water but Alaya’s Herbal Water flavors are so good! — just like a refreshing herbal tea, but with more clarity and lightness. And it’s the first certified organic flavored wate. I just tried the Lavender mint with ingredients of filtered mineral water, and organic extracts of lavender, spearmint, lemon grass and thyme leaves.

Shop online or look for a local place to buy. Still and bubbly varieties available.




Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 7.58.47 PM

queretaro, mexico : scene three

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We cooked lunch at home and my momma taught me her mean enchilada recipe. Hot damn!

curling ice cream posters : renata el dib

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Brilliant curling ice cream posters designed by Renata El Dib for Kibon ice cream.

(*via Pattern Pulp)

menu collection : from stephen exel

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Felt & Wire shared samples from food writer, Stephen Exel‘s menu collection on the blog last week. Beautiful.