superhero window washers : at a children’s hospital

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This has been all over the place but just in case you haven’t seen it yet, window washers dressed up as superheroes for their day of work at a children’s hospital in Memphis back in October. A heart melting idea.




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martin luther king jr day

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aakash nihalani : sum times

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I’ve featured Aakash Nihalani‘s work with tape before. This is a newer project, Sum Times, that is clever and pleasing to see.




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the lives they lived : essays & images

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Chavela Vargas, above

Last weekend, the New York Times Magazine was devoted to a collection of essays titled “The Lives They Lived.” I found it very moving and an inspirational/educational way to reflect on the past year. Each essay is written by a different author, artist, critic, whatever. I encourage you to visit the interactive feature online and explore the collection fully. It’s also a beautiful collection of photography and artistic representations.

You click on the names along with these images to read the corresponding essay. There are many more names in the article but these were a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 8.35.34 PM

Above, photograph of Italian actress Silvano Mangano by Eve Arnold.

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 8.37.09 PM30rakoff_inline-custom1

Zelda Kaplan; Handmade gifts by David Rakoff


Dave Brubeck (paper illustration by Katrin Rodegast)


Don Cornelius


Paradise Park, New Jersey


Sylvia Woods


Vidal Sassoon


Adrienne Rich


Whitney Houston

The Lives They Lived, The New York Times

winding down : at paperfinger

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The last of the holiday orders have shipped and we’re winding down the season here at Paperfinger. Feels good. Now for all those heartfelt gifts for our own friends and fam…

Beautiful snowflakes made from seat caning material, via Garden & Gun and the Augusta Training Shop.

dana tanamachi : new print

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Dana Tanamachi is a lovely person and an extremely talented lettering artist. Her new prints ($60) are beautiful. Even more remarkable, through the end of 2012, 100% of the proceeds of this poster will go to Restore NYC, an organization providing long-term aftercare for women who are survivors of sex trafficking in New York City.

stockings with care : be a santa

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My favorite organization to support at Christmas time is Stockings With Care.

Sign up with me and “Be a Santa”!

About Stockings with Care:

Stockings with Care works with families either living in homeless shelters or who are in jeopardy of becoming homeless and can not afford to celebrate their holiday. Social workers work with the parents to make their wish lists. These lists are passed on to Stockings with Care.

SWC makes sure that every child gets at least two things on their list and that each child has at least three gifts to open on Christmas morning by securing donations from people who sign up to be a Santa. Thousands of gifts are wrapped and delivered to the parents, empowering them to create magic for their kids.

Of course, lots of kids ask for what every kid wants – toys. But there are an equal number of requests for life’s essentials. Clothes. Books. Strollers, Diapers. One year, a child even asked for dog food so that they didn’t have to give up the family dog that they could no longer afford. SWC delivered a year’s supply of dog food.

Sign up to sponsor a child’s two gift wishes.

And/or volunteer to help pack it all up the weekend of December 8th.

take a (good) college class for free : open yale courses

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My sister sent this link over to me and I put it on my list of Things-I-do-truly-want-to-do-But-may-never-make-time-for-Yet-I-remain-just-as-enthusiastic.

Open Yale Courses is an online resource created by Yale University to offer complete undergraduate courses for free through their site. The screenshot above shows you some of the courses offered, most of which are introductory and cover a wide range of subjects.

So cool! The classes include video footage from each class lecture, reading assignments, discussion materials, exams, etc. With a hearty amount of self-discipline, you can brush up on Physics, Social Theory, Music, Philosophy, Poetry…the list goes on. The new book club?

Open Yale Courses is funded through a grant from the Open Educational Resources (OER) initiative of the Hewlett Foundation.


help still needed : sandy recovery efforts

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It’s hard to blog about anything but the situation at hand. has a great site with links and info on all the donation sites, volunteer hubs, etc for each neighborhood in New York. Also for New Jersey.

I volunteered in Staten Island this weekend and the situation there is quite grim. I was stunned. There is so much work to be done so if you have time, there are lots of ways to be useful. Oasis Church in Staten Island has volunteer assignments for any length of time every weekday, 9-5. Just show up and there is plenty of work to do! 539 Greeley Avenue.

(Image via The Big Picture)

join me : in contributing to sandy relief efforts

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As I write this, I am submitting small donations to the following two organizations.

There are many ways to contribute to the effort, but even just a small donation can really help.
Please join me and encourage your friends to donate too!

MASBIA – Their soup kitchen network is trying to feed 600 seniors who were just relocated to the Park Slope Armory (pictured above in preparation on Tuesday). The gov’t-issued ration packs are very high in sodium (a health issue for most of these people), not to mention squeezed from gel packs. Masbia is providing nutritious, low-sodium meals for all of the folks there. Just $6 pays for one meal.

AMERICAN RED CROSS – They are helping thousands of people. Since Saturday, the Red Cross has provided more than 23,000 overnight shelter stays. Over 2,300 Red Cross disaster workers have served more than 100,800 meals and they’ve activated nearly 200 emergency response vehicles going into communities to distribute food and water. $10 minimum donation online.

P.S. Watch this riveting time lapse video shot from the 51st floor of the NY Times building throughout the entire hurricane, starting on Sunday, ending Wednesday.