ogilvy : signature wall

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Handpainted signature wall at Ogilvy offices by Graphic Fury. Fantastic!


f.lux : adaptive light settings for your devices

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Screenshot 2016-03-02 07.13.20

I’m hooked on f.lux.

F.luxometer is free software that you can install on your phone, laptop or iPad, that reduces the amount of blue light in your screen display and also adjusts accordingly throughout the light cycle of your day and night. That way, if you’re logging some email time late at night, the blue light is dimmed so significantly and your screen takes on a muted yellow glow so your eyes and brain won’t be receiving all that bright blue light, confusing your sleep cycle and throwing off your night’s sleep. I find it so much more comfortable and soothing. Definitely give it a try.

how to be alone : andrea dorfman

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(*via swiss-miss)

sarah appleton : micro pull through earrings

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Simple and beautiful earrings from Sarah Appleton ($275). Handmade in Paris.

Available from Portland’s Alder & Co.

happy 7th birthday ! to paperfinger

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Seven years ago today, Paperfinger launched online. It’s been a joy and a wild ride most every day. :)

iris apfel : the doc

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If you haven’t yet, watch the documentary on Iris Apfel, which I keep revisiting in my mind.

She is a charming, wonderful woman to be around and I found her uniquely inspiring.

(*photo via Vogue)

exhale collection : kate & kate

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Kate & Kate‘s new collection, EXHALE.

Includes blankets, linen throws, napkins, cushions and towels made from beautiful cottons, linens and alpaca wool. Made in Australia.




(*via In/Out)

david shrigley : tea set

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Tea Set including tea pot, sugar bowl and milk jug, designed by David Shrigley. Made from English fine bone china, manufactured by Caverswall. ($218)

vases with noses : matteo cibic

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Ceramics with personality. Vasonaso by Matteo Cibic.

Available for purchase (approx $185 apiece).

s6_vasonaso_matteo_cibic_yatzer f5_vasonaso_matteo_cibic_yatzer s2_vasonaso_matteo_cibic_yatzer p3_vasonaso_matteo_cibic_yatzer p2_vasonaso_matteo_cibic_yatzer

(*via Yatzer)

tanamachi studio : literary journal

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In the spirit of Valentine’s, this lined notebook ($13.50) from one of my very favorites, Tanamachi Studio.

Literary_Lined_Pages_b5562e6d-16a0-45f0-b003-e47bd15aa94c_grande Romeo_Interior_Bookplate_grande